The Rotary Club of West Hartford purchased $10,000 worth of food at Costco and had a "Food Caravan" to Town Hall. We filled the Food Pantry!  That's three full shipping pallets, stacked five feet high.  Included in the order were $2400 of beans, $1000 worth of breakfast cereals, $800 of canned tuna and chicken, $1700 of canned corn and green beans, $1000 of spaghetti sauce, and many more staples. The foods were chosen by our Town's Social Services Staff and selected for their long shelf life and balance of nutrition. 

Our town is a diverse town. Despite its outward upscale appearance, many individuals and families find themselves in need. West Hartford Social Services Staff estimated that our contributions constitute a two-month supply of food at this time of year (Note: needs are always greater during the winter months, when families must choose between fuel or food).
This is the fourth year of our Food Caravan.
West Hartford Rotary is proud and thankful that we have the ability and means to help out our neighbors - this is what we're all about.
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WH Rotary Sponsored Dental Clinic in Nkozi, Uganda has now Opened!
via Rotarian Dr. Carolyn Malon:
The new dental clinic at Nkozi Hospital is now open! It has been a long process, and is a collaboration between Well Wishes, the Rotary Club of West Hartford and the Rotary Club of 7 Hills in Kampala Uganda. This is so exciting, and we are incredibly appreciative to all those who have donated and those who worked to make it a reality!
RL - In many parts of the world, dental disease can actually turn into a life-threatening infection. Plus, the long-term implications of being unable to eat and constantly having bacteria in your bloodstream decrease life expectancy.
This is yet another example of how we can change the world through Rotary. A good portion of the funding for this project was supplied through a Rotary International Grant and by the cooperation of the West Hartford (USA) and Kampala Seven Hills (Uganda) Clubs.
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