Rotary Club of West Hartford Minutes
Date: August 13, 2018
Attendance:  about 30 Members
  1. Rotarian Bob Kiley was laid to rest last Saturday at the Fairview Cemetary after a service at Saint Peter Clavier in West Hartford.  Our club was well represented for the mass as well as the burial.
  2. Rick Liftig and I met with the director of the Children’s museum to discuss the situation with the relocation of the museum after the two year dead line to turn the existing property over to Kingswood Oxford.  The possibility of the UCONN site was mentioned.  it was suggested that we approach the prospective buyer about reserving part of the property for a new facility for the museum.  It was also suggested that letters to the editor of the Hartford Courant promoting this idea would be helpful.  One of our projects for this year at the local level is to setting up a Rotary Lab at the museum.  We have a District Grant for this.
  3. The mayor of West Hartford, Shari Cantor, informed the Club that the situation of the Children’s Museum getting a place to expand on the site of the old UCONN branch at the corner of Trout Brook and Asylum is not a sure thing. For one, the Town has no say on planning for the site after the zoning change has been approved.The only way forward is to approach the buyer and convince them to leave a part of the site free.  According to the Mayor this is a very long shot.
  4. The high point of the meeting was the presentation of the Paul Harris Award to Ed Cape. He was presented with his pin and also addressed the meeting with stories of his experience as a member of Britain’s Royal Air Force. He also mentioned that he was instrumental in helping to promote the admission of women into the West Hartford Club.
  5. Don’t forget TAVERN NIGHT, September 27.  Kyle is already canvassing restaurants.  We are trying to use a restaurant that has donated to our Vines of March fund raiser.
  6. We are still looking for a chair person and his committee that will take charge of this year’s Vines of March to be held on March 9.Any brave souls out there?Please step up.
  7. Peter Kovalevich passed around a signup sheet for Rotarians who will sell tickets for Jazz Brunch fund raising on November 4, 2018.
Rotarians Mary Silverberg and Shari Cantor with guest speaker Rebecca Rose