For years, Rotarian Tony has organized a writing project in the West Hartford 6th grade classes.  A note from Tony follows:

Dear Fellow Members,

This year our Club is celebrating our 20th year of our Writing Project with the Middle Schools in West Hartford. The project since its inception is our Club interest in providing the 6th graders in our middle schools with an opportunity to express themselves through the medium of writing. This year the kids are writing on last year Rotary Theme…”Peace Through Service".  Past year’s results have been incredible and we’re looking forward to this year. This year’s celebration will take place March 18th at 12 noon at the University of St. Josephs cafeteria in West Hartford. As in previous years, I need to provide the caterer with a count by March 4th. So, if you are planning on attending and have not signed up yet please call me at 860-573-0440 or email me at  Your attendance and support at this event is much appreciated it. 

Rotarily, Tony Rodriguez


Below, Tony and Pres. Hap visit the 6th graders at the Kings Philips Middle School, where Tony describes Rotary to them.