LUNCHEON MEETING, October 22, 2018

1. Peter Lamothe from Jackson Labs was our guest speaker. Jackson Labs is a non-profit organization located on the UCONN Dempsey campus that focuses on mammalian genetics research. Their research at present is on developing medications tailored for each patient’s genetic makeup. According to Peter, they have around 10,000 mice used for testing. They use mice because they have the closest DNA to human being. Jackson Lab’s main office is in Bar Harbor Maine. Their focus is on basic research which they share with other labs in the hope that it will help them in their own particular research.

2. The ticket sales for the Jazz Brunch are excellent. As of Oct. 24, we have sold and received payment for 230 tickets. A sudden influx of buyers is coming in and now we are afraid the we will go over the capacity of the Hartford Club’s dining room. Tony suggests that our web site should announce that the ticket sale is closed (it was closed).

3. The 30th anniversary of our World Polio Eradication Drive was held on October 24. We still have not achieved our goal of world-wide elimination. Don’t forget to donate to the Fund. In addition to polio that we have known, there is a new virus that resembles polio that is infecting children much is the same way that polio did.

Guest Speaker Peter Lamonthe with speaker coordinator Mary Silverberg
A friendly reminder to come to the meeting on the 29th in your best Halloween attire!