West Hartford Rotary Club

May 6, 2019 Luncheon Meeting Minutes

1. Our speaker was Greg, H. Priest, the new West Hartford Fire Chief. He reported that we have 90 firemen in the Town with five personnel at each firehouse. Every fireman is a trained EMT so that there is someone available at all times to respond to an emergency. It is a State requirement that on any emergency call made by the fire truck, a person trained as an EMT is present. For some emergencies the EMT has to select an ambulance to transport a patient. If that particular ambulance company is not on the recommended service of his or her insurance, there is a problem with the billing. A commercial building or office has a designed fire code which can easily be checked for fire safety conformance. However, a residential building does not have one maybe just a self installed fire alarm However, any residential or public building can contact the fire department and get a fireman to give a group lecture on fire safety.

2. Our club is still below the $10,000 goal for Foundation donations. Only 30% of our members have donated to date.

3. Our Rotary club will participate in the Memorial Day parade on May 27. Sign up and be proud to represent our club.

4. We need volunteers for the Celebrate West Hartford event where we serve hot dogs and hamburgers. You can sign up thru the website email or you can make a call or text to Bennett. Make sure you specify what days you are available and what part of the effort you can be part of. E.g.: set up, cooking, money handling, clean up, serving food.

Respectfully submitted,

Oscar M. Santo Domingo


West Hartford Fire Chief Greg Priest with Rotarians Mary Silverberg and Oscar Santo Domingo