West Hartford Rotary Club

April 1, 2019 Luncheon Meeting Minutes


1. Spring has arrived! Many came out to greet her and the meeting was well attended. Christine Looby gave the invocation; Eileen Rau encouraged members to donate to the Rotary Foundation. She suggested using the Club Runner as an easy way to do this.

2. Those in attendance for this club assembly meeting were happy to discuss methods for improving our fund-raising efforts.

3. Kyle Egress mentioned that we did not do a good job on reaching out to organizations we support for their support in selling tickets for our Vines of March event.

4. Eileen and Bennett mentioned that we complete our list of organization we support on our Club Runner so we can connect to them electronically for our solicitations. Some members suggested that the most effective way to approach an organization is to talk to the manager.

5. According to Tom, our treasurer, our financial status to June of this year is in good shape We will be able to meet the yearly donations we have decided to make.

6. Our Club met with members of the Children’s Museum to ensure that our donations are being well spent. They will need to provide receipts, plans and a description of where the money has been spent to us. We need these in order to report to the District Grant Chairman before May 1