West Hartford Rotary Club Meeting

November 26 Proceedings

1. Susan Oslander requested a day of fun with the Hanoc children. We need volunteers and a time and date. Eileen will find out when this is to happen.

2. We discussed the outreach program (aka the Food Pantry). The board seems to feel that we have too much on our plates with the Vines of March looming. David Mangs has asked for a donation and volunteers to make it a one-day affair. Hopefully the Rotaract will extend their hands. According to Greg Friedland there might be only 5 students who are interested in joining Rotaract.

3. Jeff Brevin gave the Club some information about what is happening at the American School for the Deaf. Bruce Stanger gave an update about his yearly bike trip to Israel.

4. Ken Flourde talked about his involvement with the opioid Crisis and would like to talk more about the subject for a future meeting.

5. Steve Nimz of New Britain Rotary was at the meeting to sell holiday wreaths. This is their seasonal fund-raising project.

6. Vines of March has started planning for the big event. Kyle led the meeting after summarizing what are needed to make this event successful. The ticket price was raised to $75 per person. However, anyone buying his or her ticket before February 8 can get it for $70,

7. The Rotary Board propose to make the Dec.17 meeting our Holiday party since next coming year we will be occupied with the planning of the Vines of March.Watch for more update for this event. Sign up for the party It will be fun, good food and relaxing.

Club President Oscar Santo Domingo, Rotarian Mary Silverberg, and guest speaker Susan Oslander