Rotary Club President Oscar Santo Domingo (center) presents a check for $6000 to Mike Werle and Joe Defeo of the West Hartford Children's Museum for the set up of the Rotary Learning Lab for Young Children.

Club Assembly Meeting - November 12 Proceedings

1. Honoring our veterans: Ed Cape Harvey Davidson and Dave Gerol were honored. Both Ed and Harry recounted their experiences during their time as soldiers.

2. Eileen Rau passed around polio virus dolls that she had from another club meeting

3. We presented our donation to the Children’s Museum for $ 6,000 to start the development of a Learning Lab for children 3 years old and up. As Mike Werle said, the room will symbolize Rotary’s essential goal. Our Rotary Emblem will be part of the room. The Children’s Museum director is in talks with the Town Official regarding the possibility of relocating the building

4. Our visitors, Ellen and Jeff Shaw were introduced. Mile Werle and Joe Defeo were also recognized.

5. Tony Rodriguez was happy about the attendance for the Jazz brunch, but let the management know about its shortfall in the kitchen and table management.

6. The Vines of March as announced by the co-chairman Kyle Egress. Tom Wood will assist Kyle for this fund-raising event.

7. Joe Stafford met a group that builds wood furniture. He will invite them to address our meeting to give us some pointers as to saving or replacing the Rotary benches in Town.

8. A Rotary party is in the works, but after the festivities. Eileen will help organize it.

9. The Berlin Rotary Club will be at our meeting on November 19 to take orders for their Christmas wreath sale.