Rotary Club of West Hartford Lunch Meeting Minutes
Date: September 17, 2018
Upcoming Events:
  1. Jazz brunch is fast approaching.Tony has been reminding us to get out there and sell tickets.A decision will have to be made at the end of September as to whether or not to hold this event.This will depend on the tickets sold and donations received or pledged from sponsors.
  1. Our district governor has asked the club to participate in hurricane relief due to loss of life and property in the Carolinas.A web site has been created where you can choose your way to donate:  http.//www.rotary
  1. Supporting the Rotary Foundation is an important goal of any Rotary Club.The Foundation in return is the source of grants to make our projects, both domestic and international possible.Please contribute.
  1. Dave Mangs gave us a talk about how the opioid epidemic is affecting the young generation of this country.It is up to every organization to work together to stop the spread of this epidemic.