Minutes from the club meeting on March 23rd follow:
Board Meeting Notes:
-  Board approved water project in Haiti
-  Tavern night May 6th
-  Bring a friend to lunch initiative
Speaker was ill today.  Being rescheduled in April.
Lobsterfest will be on Saturday June 20th.  Mark your calendars now!  Fountain Head will be playing.  
The 5th annual Johnny's Jog event was last weekend.  The 5k run/walk raised money for 3 different charities, and our Rotary Club was a sponsor.
We are looking for a  fill-in for business spotlight on April 20th
On May 30th, there will be a Jim Calhoun walk and ride event 
Vines of March Recap:
$5300 in sponsorships
$6000 in ticket sales
$5473 live auction
$300 wine sales
$19000 gross proceeds
$16500 net proceeds