West Hartford Rotary Club

March 4, 2019 Luncheon Meeting

1. In spite of the snowy weather we met to discuss the upcoming Vines of March. Items of importance were finalized.

2. Fortunately, the weather on the 9th was great. So was the event. Thanks to all that contributed to its success. Kudos to Kyle and Tom. Here are the results of our fund raising.

  • Tickets Sold: 170 or $10,515
  • Live auction: $ 6,425
  • Silent auction: $ 5,375
  • Table pieces: $ 720
  • Sponsorships: $11,000

3. Next year’s event is looking for a new location. The University dining area is due for renovation and will not be finished in time for us to use it.

4. Our speaker for Monday the 18th will be Kate Sims, our District Governor. She will inform us about coming events and news about other clubs in District 7890.

5. We can never thank Saint Joseph University enough for the help extended to our club over the past two years.