1. Last Friday our club met with USJ to start planning the space layout and equipment needed such as tables, chairs and warmers.
2. The Blood Drive was well attended by Rotarians and achieved the target for donations.  Thanks to Ann Leabman!
3.  The Book Drive needs help!   The thousands of books collected for this year's book drive will be ready for distribution this week! Due to last week's storm, we lost a week of time, so there is some urgency. All books must be picked up by Friday February 1 at noon.
There will be 10 schools in the area that will each be receiving 300-400 books. Of course we need as many volunteers as possible. The plan is to have the books clearly labeled, so it should be pretty easy to pick them up and drop off at the assigned location. Also, we have made sure that there is a contact person at each school who will be available to help coordinate drop off (we've had issues with the schools not being ready for delivery in the past).
Please check the attached list of schools for your preferred dropoff location as well as the pickup availability in West Hartford. Please email Bennett Forrest if you are able to help and he will be at Monday's meeting to answer questions and coordinate logistics.
Pickup location: All books are stored at Congregation Beth Israel. 701 Farmington Ave in West Hartford
Pickup times:
Sunday, Jan 27th: 
2pm - 3pm
Monday 28th through Friday Feb 1st
8am - 9am
Monday 28th 
12:30 - 3:30
Tuesday 29th through Thursday 31st
12:30 - 6:30
List of schools for dropoff:
Annie FisherHartford
Burns AcademyHartford
Gaffney SchoolNew Britain
Kennelly SchoolHartford
Lincoln SchoolNew Britain
Norris SchoolEast Hartford
O'Brien STEM AcademyEast Hartford
Pitkin Elementary SchoolEast Hartford
S.A.N.D. SchoolHartford