Fire Chief Greg Priest
Fire and Emergency Management is a Complex job!
West Hartford Fire Chief Greg Priest was our guest on April 15th. The mission of the Fire Department has evolved over the years and can be summed up simply: Handle any emergency. 
There are four components to our Fire Department:
  • Emergency Management
  • Operations
  • Fire Marshals Office
  • Administration
Last year, the FD received 9700 calls, 60-70% of which were for emergency medical services. There is approximately a five minute response time throughout town and there are five fire stations located appropriate distances apart.
This summer, the Fire Department will once again host a "Fire Academy" for teens, which the Rotary Club will help to sponsor.
And, the Fire Department still handles traditional fires! Here are the primary causes of fires in the home:
  • Unattended cooking fires
  • Space heaters
  • Electrical Issues, including Lithium batteries, aftermarket chargers, and extension cords
  • Smoking materials
Remember, Working smoke alarms are very effective at saving lives