West Hartford Rotary Club Meeting
December 10, 2018    Proceedings
  1. The following donations were requested and approved by the board.
    • Johnny’s Jog - $1,200
    • ARAVA Institute - $500
    • Marinduque North (dialysis machine) - $2,000
  2. Blood donation project will be held at Town Hall in January in honor of Hap Leabman.The decision to hold it every year as suggested by Bruce Stanger, will be decided after this event
  3. The treasurer commented that the Club is in good financial status or the year 2018.
  4. We will donate to the Noah Webster House for our Dictionary Project. (we will still hand out dictionaries...)
  5. The sign-up sheet for our December 17th holiday meeting was passed out. At present 43 Rotarians and their guest are planning to attend. Another 10 guests from the Hartford Rotary Club will also be attending.
Rotarians Dave Gerrold, Bob Kor, and Tom Wood enjoying the meeting!
Guest speaker Doreen Tarascio, Dir. of Communications from The Bridge Family Center
From a couple of weeks ago - Rotarian Kove Schwartz receiving a Paul Harris award from Club President Oscar Santo Domingo