Rock n' Rotary Beatlemania Tickets are Live!

Monday’s (September 19, 2022) meeting was devoted to the details of our upcoming Rock ‘n Rotary Beatlemania event! Obviously, we need to sell tickets. Please send an e-mail or post the event to your Facebook, etc. account. Stress that this will make a great family outing because of all of the attractions adjacent to Front Street (ie. Science Center, Atheneum, Amistad Museum and restaurants).
Tickets: Simply, Use the QR Code on all of our posters and flyers!
OR IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY FOUR TICKETS, CHECK OUT THIS DEAL ⇒Have them pay with a check made out to "Rotary Club of West Hartford Service Chest," and let you know what seats they want. Then, immediately contact Bennett Forrest and tell him about the purchase - AND they will save the $24.00 in service charges.
Sponsorships: Several things: We want to avoid bothering our Vines sponsors and we don’t want to duplicate efforts. Later this week I will send out a list showing sponsors of our last three events and a list showing who has donated food or auction items to Vines. Anyone who has donated to Jazz Brunch in the past will hopefully donate again. I have included the names of the Rotarians associated with the ask and with luck, they will ask again. If you are in doubt of whom to pursue, drop me an email (
Park Road Parade: We will be sponsoring a float in the Park Road Parade. It will be the perfect opportunity to hand out Beatlemania flyers and promote the event. The parade is about a mile long. Assembly is generally from about 9:00 – 9:30 and the parade kicks off at 10:30. Usually it’s done by 11:30. Come wearing your best Beatles\hippie regalia! I am going to rent a Sergeant Pepper outfit today!
If you are on Facebook, please share the Rotary Club post onto you own page. And send an e-mail blast to your friends for this event. Even if you haven't been able to participate in club activities. PLEASE DO THIS! We need to make this event a success as it is one of our two major fundraisers each year. 

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