West Hartford's "Ace" was Our Speaker on August 14th
Our speakers are always interesting, and today, Adrienne Billings-Smith, was no exception. Her motto could easily be this title of a Johnny Cash song: "I've been everywhere, man!"
"Ace" started in Minot, North Dakota, as a military kid. She became a star basketball player at the University of Central Florida, then Assistant Coach at Marshall University. She was (and still is) a flight attendant for United Airlines. Somewhere along the way, she got her law degree and passed the bar exam, became a member of the West Hartford Town Council, and now is the Equity Coordinator for the Town. (her other real job is being a Mom and basketball coach for her son).
But Ace didn't come to talk about her accomplishments. She came to talk about West Hartford, its diversity, and all of the folks that need to have a voice and a place at the table. It's pretty easy to gush about our town, but there's always work to be done and folks who need an advocate. 
And we even talked about some basketball. (It's hard not to talk about the sport in the men's and women's basketball capital of the world!)
Thank you so much for being our speaker today.